Our team

Owner Alberdina Hakvoort welcomes you to Bed & Breakfast De Roos. If you have any questions during your stay please don’t hesitate to ask me. If I am not in the Bed & Breakfast, you can reach me at telephone number
31 6 20121375.

“The building where De Roos is situated lies on the harbour of Urk. Next to it is where the  Roos brothers had their shipyard. I am named after my grandmother, Alberdina Roos. Her grandfather was one of the original owners of the shipyard. This is the reason we decided to name our Bed & Breakfast  De Roos.”

Below you will see a picture of me next to a relative who makes ship models. These ship models were produced in real scale on the shipyard of our family. Next to him is a plaque showing a picture of the shipyard in 1840.

Below you can see a movie of Urk in the period 1930. Please push on the picture to start the movie.

There was once a museum situated in the building. After that, a foundation “Help and Support”, which gave personal accompaniment and social support to the needy, occupied the building. On the facade of the building is stone dedicated to this foundation.

Our logo explained

In our logo, one can see an “Urker boezel”. A boezel is an apron worn over the clothes of the traditional costume of Urk.



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